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FT Global Hackathon: More than 2,700 participants signed up in April from nearly 70 countries to collaborate virtually on 184 projects © Getty

As the coronavirus pandemic gathered pace in March, the FT legal hackathon issued a challenge to the global legal industry: to find answers to the most pressing legal, regulatory and civil society problems emerging from the crisis.

More than 2,700 participants signed up in April from nearly 70 countries to collaborate virtually on 184 projects, including an app to prove coronavirus immunity, a system to process electronic signatures, and an online learning tool to help students in lockdown.

The hackathon took place in April and May, organised by Global Legal Hackathon (GLH) and supported by FT Innovative Lawyers.

It was an experiment in international, online collaboration, with multidisciplinary teams working together remotely to find creative solutions to challenges thrown up by Covid 19, drawing on their shared expertise.

Below is the full list of 184 projects. More details can be found in the FTIL Hackathon gallery.

FT Global Legal Hackathon Gallery

Project name: A Charter for Remote Learning in the New Normal

Description: A charter to address the challenges of learning and professional development in a remote working environment.

Lead organisation/individual: Norton Rose Fulbright, TLT


Project name: A Day in the Life post-Covid-19

Description: Research on the purpose of offices post-Covid-19.

Lead organisation/individual: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe


Project name: A disruptive global compliance programme for 21st century law firms

Description: Aims to assist law firms to foster a preventive culture to effectively address crisis situations through a best business practice manual.

Lead organisation/individual: Abreu Advogados


Project name: A Framework for Pandemic Intellectual Property Co-Creation

Description: A framework for licensing and ownership of co-created intellectual property to address challenges posed by Covid-19 and future pandemics. 

Lead organisation/individual: IBM


Project name: A Simple Conversational Tool to Empower Those Returning to Work

Description: A tool to make information accessible so that people can understand risk in light of privacy and cyber security concerns that arise from health surveillance.

Lead organisation/individual: Dalen Ward


Project name: Access Checker

Description: A system that will allow businesses to provide employees with remote authorisation to enter work premises.

Lead organisation/individual: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe


Project name: Alia: Automated Legal Insights and Analytics

Description: A platform aimed to connect expert machine learning providers with the data they need. ALIA incentivises lawyers and in-house counsel to upload their contracts by offering machine learning powered analytics and redaction for free.

Lead organisation/individual: Taylor Wessing


Project name: An IP Platform for Covid-19 and Beyond

Description: A platform to connect companies, institutes and research organisations enabling them to share, license or access patents, research and IP.

Lead organisation/individual: CMS


Project name: Anima Systemic Solutions

Description: A mobile application connected to an online dispute resolution (ODR) platform, offering a secure, private and peaceful online environment for people who need help finding the best specialists to help them.

Lead organisation/individual: Anima Mediação Sistêmica


Project name: Antitrust Whistleblower Reward and Anti-Retaliatory Protection (Wrap) Act

Description: Amended the Antitrust Criminal Penalty Enhancement and Reform Act of 2004 to include Whistleblower Rewards and Anti-Retaliation Provisions.

Lead organisation/individual: The George Washington University Law School, Constantine Cannon


Project name: Ask Able — Your Go-To SME Financing Helpbot

Description: Creating a solution for SMEs to get quick, sustainable and simple solutions. Prototype built for Hong Kong on subsidy and legal information.

Lead organisation/individual: Deborah Wong


Project name: Augmenting Strategic Business Intelligence through Contract-Based Supply Chain Risk Analysis on a Mass Scale

Description: A framework to identify wording that indicates associated risks in contracts for customers. The approach involves legal analysis of contracts attributing to the risk, a contract review process, and recommended solutions.

Lead organisation/individual: Digital Legal Exchange

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Project name: Aunty Hub

Description: Used human-based design to create a digital tool to connect NGOs and foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong.

Lead organisation/individual: HSBC


Project name: Authenticated Private Documents

Description: Infuses blockchain technology into the private investment fund document ecosystem to increase security, privacy, trust, and efficiency.

Lead organisation/individual: Integra Ledger, Fir Tree Partners


Project name: Automated lawyer matching system

Description: An online automated lawyer matching system to boost the productivity of legal operations.

Lead organisation/individual: Bestone Information & Technology


Project name: Automation of Legal Updates

Description: A web application to trace and track legal updates across government websites and report them in a palatable format to keep pace with the rapid change in laws.

Lead organisation/individual: Algo Legal


Project name: Avodocs

Description: Transforming the drafting of legal documents into a fast and efficient digital process.

Lead organisation/individual: AXDRAFT


Project name: Back To Business

Description: Provides guidance to help people and companies return to their normal working environment.

Lead organisation/individual: Dechert


Project name: Beat social distancing to acquire and engage with donors 

Description: NDIID is a customer acquisition and engagement platform that bypasses social distancing, helping charities capture a donor in under 10 seconds and engage with them on an ongoing basis.

Lead organisation/individual: One-Click Licence Ltd


Project name: Behavioural Contracting and supply chains

Description: Project considered whether supply chains can flourish with behavioural contracting.

Lead organisation/individual: Pinsent Masons


Project name: Birdsong: A Human and Technological Solution for Empowering and Protecting Whistleblowers

Description: Giving whistleblowers access to a human network that shields them from retaliation and helps them tell their stories securely.

Lead organisation/individual: Constantine Cannon


Project name: C2B Program: Impact investing for local businesses

Description: The C2B Program determines how local businesses can obtain funding necessary to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lead organisation/individual: Mayer Brown


Project name: Capitalism 2.0: Blockchain for Stakeholder and Sustainable Capitalism

Description: Blockchain application for reporting, verifying and monitoring environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact assessments.

Lead organisation/individual: University of Bologna, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Deloitte Legal Italy


Project name: Chatbot Covid-19 #everythingisgoingwell 

Description: Designed a chatbot to provide free legal advice for small and medium-sized enterprises/non-governmental organisations.

Lead organisation/individual: Ontier, Lefebvre


Project name: CMS Sustainability Law App

Description: An app to help businesses in Europe and beyond stay on top of the rapidly evolving sustainability laws.

Lead organisation/individual: CMS


Project name: Co Deploy

Description: A platform that enables product manufacturers and services providers to diversify their operations to assist with Covid-19 issues.

Lead organisation/individual: Mason Hayes & Curran


Project name: CoLab 

Description: A virtual workshop platform, incorporating real team meeting features and elevating generic functionalities.

Lead organisation/individual: Ashurst and Barclays LawTech Eagle Lab


Project name: Combating Money Laundering in the Covid-19 Era

Description: Explores ways to protect and incentivise whistleblowers with information about illegal money laundering to come forward, to stem the tide of Covid-19 related money laundering.

Lead organisation/individual: OffshoreAlert, The Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists, Constantine Cannon


Project name: Communication is Key

Description: Ensuring the needs of NHS/public health organisations are met during times of crisis by facilitating communications from the ground up.

Lead organisation/individual: Ropes & Gray


Project name: Comparing Covid Support App

Description: An app that compares the current government state funding.

Lead organisation/individual: Travers Smith


Project name: Compass

Description: An app to help small and medium sized businesses navigate the Covid crisis.

Lead organisation/individual: Mills & Reeve


Project name: COnnect

Description: An app to improve connectivity and manage workflow allocation in real time among lawyers in a law firm.

Lead organisation/individual: Carey Olsen


Project name: ConnectChange 

Description: An app/web platform that connects and promotes exchanges between small enterprises, social entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

Lead organisation/individual: Global Legal Hackathon


Project name: Connections

Description: An empathetic and efficient system of providing legal services, augmented by technology, to serve vulnerable individuals during Covid-19.

Lead organisation/individual: Irwin Mitchell


Project name: Covid Aid

Description: A mobile application to help people, hospitals and government fight the pandemic.

Lead organisation/individual: Plateau State ministry of justice, Nigeria


Project name: COVID Companion

Description: Developed a conversational assistant for smart speakers that leverages AI and geolocation data for elderly people.

Lead organisation/individual: Matheson


Project name: Covid Data Certification

Description: Established a protocol to ensure both privacy and safety in the workplace after Covid-19.

Lead organisation/individual: Deloitte Legal


Project name: Covid Network

Description: Created a social network to interact with clients and potential clients as well as minor enterprises and individuals.

Lead organisation/individual: Deloitte Legal


Project name: Covid-19 Case Law Tracker

Description: A single platform to find case law related to Covid-19 in the relevant jurisdiction.

Lead organisation/individual: CMS  


Project name: Covid-19 Climate Conundrum- Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP

Description: Reviewed a standard property financing/lending contract and developed clauses that combat waste and promote sustainability that can be included in precedent documents. 

Lead organisation/individual: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe 


Project name: Covid-19 FundFindr

Description: Designed a platform to provide information to businesses, social enterprises, charities, SMEs, and female business owners.

Lead organisation/individual: White & Case


Project name: Covid-19 Policy Response Map

Description: An innovative interactive web-based tool to visualise and compare policy responses to Covid-19. 

Lead organisation/individual: Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton


Project name: Co-Void

Description: Devised the concept for a business-specific track and trace app which allows employers to identify where on the company site an employee has been.

Lead organisation/individual: Vodafone


Project name: Cultivate: contracts reimagined

Description: Cultivate transforms a contract into a “living document”, allowing parties to contract together and work flexibly.

Lead organisation/individual: Taylor Wessing


Project name: Demand Impact Model

Description: To manage the impact of an uncertain work pipeline and protect jobs, this tool is designed to simulate the impact of new work on an existing work profile to enable efficient work allocation and management.

Lead organisation/individual: Herbert Smith Freehills


Project name: Digital ID

Description: Creation of an X509 Certificate, a document or data set that is signed by the originator that provides a credential that is as trustworthy as the person who created the document.

Lead organisation/individual: University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law


Project name: Digital ID: Breaking through modern challenges in the banking sector

Description: A digital ID verification system for the banking sector, to identify customers at onboarding and while conducting transactions.

Lead organisation/individual: CMS


Project name: Digital Lawyers Factory

Description: Design and development of an intelligent conversational agent based on AI to provide customised legal advice to help businesses prepare an effective response to Covid-19.

Lead organisation/individual: PwC Tax and Legal Services


Project name: Diverse Lawyers Assist

Description: A platform that connects diverse lawyers and provides access to professional development and business resources.

Lead organisation/individual: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe


Project name: DMEDIATION

Description: An online platform which provides the services of mediators all around the world for a fixed price.

Lead organisation/individual: Deloitte Legal


Project name: Dream 2045

Description: An initiative to persuade law firms to implement meaningful and measurable actions to empower students from under-represented communities for success in BigLaw.

Lead organisation/individual: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe


Project name: DWF Advantage+

Description: Created a single platform for online learning that pulls all of the relevant content a user desires into one place.

Lead organisation/individual: DWF


Project name: Dynamic Legal Query Platform

Description: A service that matches legal queries to answers and grows the community of legal advisers dynamically based on query needs. 

Lead organisation/individual: Lloyds Banking Group


Project name: DYRISK

Description: Real-time risk identification and management tool created to help companies adjust their risk appetite in line with new Covid-19 risks.

Lead organisation/individual: Fulcrum Chambers


Project name: EDEN (Evergreen Donation Emergency Network)

Description: An application that connects donors with excess supplies to organisations in need.

Lead organisation/individual: Onit


Project name: Editorious Lex — Your New Contract Jargon Buster

Description: A legal contract jargon buster tool.

Lead organisation/individual: Editorious Lex 


Project name: ElBroS

Description: Employer Information Broadcasting System to safely transition employee return to work through ongoing management of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lead organisation/individual: University of Western Australia Law School


Project name: Employer Fair Work Rights Lab

Description: A quick and easy tool for employers to use to ensure that due process is followed when laying off staff to prevent unnecessary claims. 

Lead organisation/individual: Roshane Wickramathilake


Project name: Empowering and protecting whistleblowers in South Korea

Description: Empowering and protecting whistleblowers to prevent government abuse of Covid-related subsidies.

Lead organisation/individual: Seoul National University Law School Public Interest and Legal Clinic Center, Constantine Cannon


Project name: Empowering Indian MSMEs and Start-ups to navigate the post Covid-19 legal landscape

Description: A primer series to engage with key legal and regulatory challenges that have emerged in India in response to Covid-19.

Lead organisation/individual: Justice Adda


Project name: Enabling Legal Services: Supporting SMEs During a Crisis

Description: An AI/human hybrid approach to the management of SME legal problems during a crisis.

Lead organisation/individual: Sharpe & Abel 


Project name: Encouraging Whistleblowers: Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (Coronavirus Amendment) Bill 2020 

Description: Amending Part 5, Chapter 2 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 to enable the High Court to order payment of a reward to an informant.

Lead organisation/individual: Bright Line Law Services


Project name: Entreprenow

Description: A free, easily accessible web and mobile platform to help all entrepreneurs, but particularly female founders, to identify key legal issues for their business that should be resolved pre-funding. 

Lead organisation/individual: CMS


Project name: Equal Education Initiative 

Description: A website offering online education resources to bridge the gap in education opportunities, with a focus on Australia.

Lead organisation/individual: Rachel Power


Project name: e-Signature Adoption Playbook

Description: A framework with practical information on electronic signatures, to solve challenges in the execution of legal documents in corporate and financial services, across jurisdictions.

Lead organisation/individual: Clifford Chance, Barclays Eagle Labs, Ashurst, NRF, DocuSign, Neota Logic, Adobe, Litera


Project name: e-Signing Hub

Description: An application to facilitate the adoption of e-signing. Providing knowhow, calculators, information on environmental benefits and cross collaboration for legal professionals.

Lead organisation/individual: Travers Smith


Project name: Esq. A.I. 

Description: A fully-voiced legal platform in 45+ languages that dynamically completes many legal services, such as printing, signing and witnessing legal documents, without needing an internet connection. 

Lead organisation/individual: Michael Iseri


Project name: Eyes Of The Law

Description: A mobile phone application to help individuals with disabilities to access legal services.

Lead organisation/individual: The Catholic University of Eastern Africa


Project name: Food WAYste

Description: Built the first global legal directory on food loss and food waste legislation for food business operators.

Lead organisation/individual: LCA Studio Legale


Project name: Freedom Technology Sharing Platform

Description: A mechanism to encourage researchers to share technology they develop with each other, within current legal frameworks, and to grant bulk licences to business.

Lead organisation/individual: Llinks Law Offices, Segula Technologies


Project name: Fund for All: A Single Platform for Covid-19 Emergency Funding 

Description: Aims to establish a single integrated platform for Covid-19 related emergency funding to bring fund-seekers, funding organisations and processors together under the same umbrella. 

Lead organisation/individual: Duke University School of Law


Project name: GAMIX — Gaming as a training tool

Description: GAMIX is an integrated training platform that will enable clients access to training content shown as video games.

Lead organisation/individual: Deloitte Legal


Project name: GLenDa — Demand. Supply. Connect.

Description: Examines the use of process automation applications and artificial intelligence to manage resources that are scarce in emergency situations across the globe.

Lead organisation/individual: Pinsent Masons, Government Legal Department


Project name: Global Collaboration Platform

Description: Blockchain-based end-to-end communications platform for law firms and their clients to improve efficiency, productivity and collaboration while ensuring data privacy and security.

Lead organisation/individual: Morgan Lewis, MUFG, Integra Ledger


Project name: Global Contract Registry

Description: A free application that will allow anyone anywhere in the world to register the proof of existence of a contract.

Lead organisation/individual: Integra Ledger


Project name: GradPad 

Description: An online portal that supports graduate lawyers who have recently joined a firm through a platform that answers legal questions, connects them to lawyers and partners, streamlines instructions, and provides virtual social opportunities with fellow graduates. 

Lead organisation/individual: Gilbert + Tobin


Project name: Guide for Asylum seekers in the UK during Covid-19

Description: A guide to help asylum seekers understand their basic rights while in the UK and raise awareness of the services and resources available. 

Lead organisation/individual: Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton


Project name: Guiding Principles on Inclusive Distance Learning

Description: Framing a human rights-based approach to distance learning.

Lead organisation/individual: Penn Law

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Project name: Health Status passport and Exposure alert

Description: Health status passport, verified in real-time, linked to location-based exposure alerts, without traceable personal data.

Lead organisation/individual: One-Click Licence Ltd


Project name: Helping Hand

Description: Technology-driven tool to resolve challenges for the not-for-profit and charitable sectors

Lead organisation/individual: Dentons, UiPath, Proservartner


Project name: Helping Private Businesses Access Growth Equity Capital During Covid-19 And Beyond

Description: Formed an industry task force to provide private businesses with the tools to access growth equity capital during the Covid-19 era and beyond.

Lead organisation/individual: Dechert


Project name: Hispanic Dispute Resolution Centre (ADR) in London 

Description: A virtual Hispanic mediation and arbitration centre located in London.

Lead organisation/individual: Del Canto Chambers


Project name: HOME is not very far away right now

Description: An online marketplace which lets people find temporary homes during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lead organisation/individual: Bancolombia


Project name: How can businesses quickly assess the risks in their contracts during a crisis or otherwise?

Description: Outlined the non-tech and tech solutions that can help businesses unlock the data in their contracts.

Lead organisation/individual: Slaughter and May


Project name: How can lawyer offer 7/24 constant legal while social distancing

Description: Maintain the efficiency of lawyer matching as well as their effective telephone consultation while social distancing.

Lead organisation/individual: Bestone Information and Technology


Project name: How can we harness the benefits of collaborating in a virtual / working from home environment?

Description: Surveyed Slaughter and May employees to find out some of the key benefits of enforced working from home, to inform suggestions for improving working habits in the new normal.

Lead organisation/individual: Slaughter and May


Project name: How to manage working with counterparties during a pandemic

Description: Guidelines on how to deal with physical documents, signatures and liaising with courts during lockdown.

Lead organisation/individual: Unilever


Project name: HSE Incident Management — Legal Toolkit

Description: A one-stop digital toolkit for in-house lawyers supporting the response to a significant workplace health, safety or environment incident.

Lead organisation/individual: Rio Tinto, University of Western Australia, Corrs Chambers Westgarth


Project name: I-Dial

Description: I-Dial connects senior citizens in need with available volunteers and associations through a single platform accessible by phone.

Lead organisation/individual: VdA — Vieira de Almeida, Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, BI4ALL


Project name: iMacro-Benchmarking Tool & The AI powered Global Systemic Benchmarking Law Report

Description: An AI-powered global and systemic benchmarking tool.

Lead organisation/individual: Mihaela Eugenia Dragomirescu


Project name: Imagining the Ideal Video-Conferencing Solution

Description: Devised a video conferencing solution for hearings, arbitrations, mediations, depositions and corporate meetings.

Lead organisation/individual: Bennett Jones


Project name: Impact Investment in Post Covid-19 Era

Description: A platform to connect social venture entrepreneurs to the right impact investor from around the globe. 

Lead organisation/individual: JSA Law


Project name: Intelligent Online Will System

Description: An AI-enabled system that allows users to create a legal online will.

Lead organisation/individual: Lvtong Tech, Wonderlab, Zhangjiang Notary, Dentons, Hyperchain


Project name: International Decentralised Distributed Platform

Description: IDDP is a decentralised distributed platform that allows users to co-create and develop projects and/or businesses with proof of ownership.

Lead organisation/individual: Aequo, Intecracy


Project name: JusticiAll 

Description: An online system for court hearings which reduces time and costs, widening access to justice.

Lead organisation/individual: Raluca Sterian, Siwar Roumanos, Trishna Kripalani

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Project name: Know-vid 19

Description: A platform to collate, process and summarise key Covid-19 policy updates into a clean resource with simple language and dynamic visuals.

Lead organisation/individual: Addleshaw Goddard


Project name: LAT-INDO

Description: Proposed a solution to identify confidential information contained in contracts, providing the end-user control over the contractual information.

Lead organisation/individual: Javier Echegaray


Project name: LAW — Law Around the World

Description: A global-scale platform to gather the legislation in force from every country.

Lead organisation/individual: Abreu Advogados


Project name: Legal Access for All — Disrupting the Digital Divide

Description: A platform connecting individuals most in need with the legal service providers and support organisations that are best placed to help them.

Lead organisation/individual: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe


Project name: Legal Alarm Covid-19

Description: An online resource offering personalised legal advice and templates for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Lead organisation/individual: Juscutum


Project name: Legal Framework For Addressing Basic Housing Needs In Times Of Extreme Disruption 

Description: Developed a framework to address basic housing needs in times of crisis, including a moratorium on rent, mortgage and other housing-related payment obligations.

Lead organisation/individual: Dechert


Project name: LEGALITY

Description: A platform improving access to justice by providing legal information, creating a forum to post queries and search for lawyers.

Lead organisation/individual: Monash Law 


Project name: Leveraging teamwork software to assist first year lawyers work online

Description: Leveraged B2B software to improve feedback loops, access to legal material and cultural integration for first year lawyers working from home.

Lead organisation/individual: Jin Yoo


Project name: Lex by Design: The Covid-19 Legal Design Privacy Policy

Description: Helps people to better understand Covid-19 related privacy policies and their rights by the means of illustration, using Legal Design. 

Lead organisation/individual: Bird & Bird


Project name: LISA

Description: Developed a tool that supports individuals and families facing eviction from their homes.

Lead organisation/individual: Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer 


Project name: Litigation Analytics in Light of Covid-19

Description: Use litigation analytics to identify trends in recently filed litigation.

Lead organisation/individual: Docket Alarm


Project name: Litigation Risks — AI and Task Management

Description: Using the tools now commonly found in commercial law firms to spot issues in contracts caused by Covid-19 and meet key dates.

Lead organisation/individual: McCann FitzGerald


Project name: Location-Based Data Privacy Solution

Description: A technological solution to address the trade-off between the accuracy of location data and legal privacy protections.

Lead organisation/individual: Drexel University


Project name: Making A.I. for Contract Abstraction Easier

Description: A guide to help companies use AI-based contract abstraction tools to improve efficiency.

Lead organisation/individual: QuisLex


Project name: Medi Trade.

Description: A mobile- and desktop-compatible tool that provides up-to-date legal and regulatory information applicable to countries for the trade of PPE.

Lead organisation/individual: Rebecca Karpin

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Project name: METAmail

Description: An email management solution for Microsoft Outlook users who want to better prioritise emails. METAmail uses AI and metadata to help understand, manage and action emails.

Lead organisation/individual: Gilbert + Tobin


Project name: MyGform 

Description: The standardisation of requests for personal information in order to give individuals better management, control and security of their data.

Lead organisation/individual: Garrigues


Project name: Not Everybody Is Safe At Home

Description: A platform to provide victims of domestic violence with information on what to do if it is not safe to stay at home. 

Lead organisation/individual: Not Everybody Is Safe At Home 


Project name: OUALD — Opening Up After Lock Down 

Description: Toolkit enabling buildings to open up after lockdown, including integration with mass thermal monitoring service, bulk contract management and data privacy.

Lead organisation/individual: D2 Legal Technology


Project name: Odin

Description: An education app for lawyers designed to broaden knowledge in an informative, gamified way.

Lead organisation/individual: Macfarlanes


Project name: One Stop Pro Bono 

Description: A proposal for the creation of an easily accessible website offering pro bono services.

Lead organisation/individual: Australian Catholic University


Project name: Oracle Data Lexicon — Bringing contractual certainty in uncertain time 

Description: Development of Oracle — a trusted third party source — to ingest and process data from official sources on Covid-19 restrictions and make it available for DLT smart contracts.

Lead organisation/individual: Mishcon de Reya


Project name: Pharos

Description: An app to match people in need with those who are able to offer assistance, focusing on four key areas — food security, employment, shelter and healthcare.

Lead organisation/individual: White & Case


Project name: Privacy Pictured

Description: Developed visual representations to help individuals quickly and clearly understand the privacy implications of using contact-tracing apps.

Lead organisation/individual: Herbert Smith Freehills


Project name: Private Equity Elements Transaction Cloud Centre

Description: Designed a digital legal product called PE Cloud Centre to help solve problems in the private equity sector under Covid-19.

Lead organisation/individual: Beijing Dadi Law Firm


Project name: Private prosecutions in the context of whistleblowing and Covid-19 related fraud

Description: Provided guidance on how private prosecutions may add to the detection and punishment of Covid-related fraud in the UK, including the proposal of special purpose vehicles.

Lead organisation/individual: W Legal


Project name: ProbonoCafe

Description: An app to connect small and medium-sized enterprises with commercial pro bono service

Lead organisation/individual: Sara Moon


Project name: Project Decipher

Description: A one-stop shop to access financial and employment information and advice available for individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Lead organisation/individual: CMS


Project name: Project De-Stress

Description: A project examining the emotional and psychological issues faced by employees due to Covid-19 pandemic. 

Lead organisation/individual: JSA Law


Project name: Proposal to introduce a specific discipline to support whistleblowers who disclose wrongdoing related to the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy

Description: How to anticipate the transposition of the Whistleblowing EU directive with reference to Covid-related whistleblowers in Italy.

Lead organisation/individual: The Good Lobby


Project name: Protect Covid-19 Relief Funds By Enacting State False Claims Acts

Description: Proposed the formation of a legislative strike force to assist US states in protecting state and federal funds being spent due to Covid-19.

Lead organisation/individual: Government Accountability Project and Constantine Cannon


Project name: Protecting COVID-Related Whistleblowers through HMRC or EHRC in the UK

Description: A project to address Covid-related fraud in the context of the furlough scheme and business loans in the UK.

Lead organisation/individual: Keystone Law, Unison, Osborne Clarke, Cloisters, Constantine Cannon, Whistleblowers UK


Project name: Protecting Whistleblowers and Increasing Transparency in Canada in the age of Covid-19

Description: Promoting accountability in Canada through transparency, whistleblower protections and education in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lead organisation/individual: Constantine Cannon Whistleblower Practice


Project name: Public Aid For Covid-19 Impacts Access Portal (Pacap)

Description: Designed a web portal to help individuals affected economically by Covid-19 access all the measures put in force to overcome the crisis.

Lead organisation/individual: Deloitte Legal


Project name: Qualified Female Small Business Stock — a Powerful Innovation for Funding Female-Founded Startups

Description: A tax incentive program for venture capitalists and other investors to invest in female-founded start-ups

Lead organisation/individual: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe


Project name: RapidConnect

Description: An AI-powered virtual legal assistant.

Lead organisation/individual: Syke Legal Engineering and The University of Manchester


Project name: Refugee Link

Description: A digital platform for refugees and asylum seekers to access their legal rights and find legal representatives.

Lead organisation/individual: Bryter, Ashurst


Project name: Remote Audits

Description: Established a process that enables Unilever to verify compliance with its policies regarding responsible sourcing and consumer safety without physically conducting the audits and inspections on site.

Lead organisation/individual: Unilever


Project name: Rent Mediator App

Description: An app that enables landlords and tenants to schedule and conduct a virtual mediation with an independent mediator.

Lead organisation/individual: Leland Gardner


Project name: Resolve

Description: An online legal marketplace offering legal advice and (alternative) dispute resolution to legal entities and individuals in need.

Lead organisation/individual: University of Exeter, tutti. Ai


Project name: Restrictions guide

Description: An up-to-date personalised report about the rights and options people and companies have during emergency measures imposed by governments.

Lead organisation/individual: Ingrid Müller


Project name: Reward scheme for whistleblowers South Africa

Description: Developed a reward-for-whistle-blowing regime in South Africa to effectively cater for whistleblower rewards and ensure their protection.

Lead organisation/individual: Primerio


Project name: RightsWatch: Monitoring Civil Rights Issues in the Global Response to Covid-19

Description: An interactive world map that visualises news reports on events relating to the Covid-19 emergency laws put in place by governments.

Lead organisation/individual: University of Manchester


Project name: Safe Prevention System

Description: A solution based on international standards, AI and blockchain allowing a real-time monitoring of the risk of diseases.

Lead organisation/individual: PwC Tax and Legal Services


Project name: Safe Space Online

Description: The creation of an electronic “Safe Space Online” button on websites of leading companies to offer practical domestic abuse help.

Lead organisation/individual: Hawkrose Strategy


Project name: SafePls and Horavision For Notary

Description: A digital platform empowered by blockchain that allows the user to be identified remotely thanks to an advanced Know Your Customer system that makes the performance of operations and signing legally possible.

Lead organisation/individual: SafePls, Horavision, BLB Studio Legale


Project name: SafePls more than e-Sign

Description: A digital platform that allows the user to be identified remotely. The system can also allow the user to stock and send documents to third parties.

Lead organisation/individual: SafePls


Project name: SafeWork App

Description: A mechanism to ensure that public/private employees meet the required health conditions to safely return to their workplaces.

Lead organisation/individual: Deloitte Legal


Project name: Salto.law

Description: A natural language processing tool that processes terms and conditions and identifies their key aspects.

Lead organisation/individual: Antoniou McCollum & Co.


Project name: Selv — A Digital Health Passport

Description: A free app to facilitate employment, travel and other activities in the coming years. 

Lead organisation/individual: Dentons, IOTA Foundation


Project name: SEMO — Smart Events and Meetings Organizer

Description: An app to enhance ways of working through better use of space and mobility.

Lead organisation/individual: Deloitte Legal


Project name: Sharing local knowledge at a global scale

Description: A free legal network platform to improve collaboration between international lawyers, create efficiency and lower costs when working in different jurisdictions.

Lead organisation/individual: PLMJ


Project name: Sibyl — Helping SMEs navigate contractual issues during Covid-19

Description: A cloud solution that helps small and medium-sized enterprises navigate complex contractual issues during Covid-19 and other extraordinary circumstances.

Lead organisation/individual: Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt


Project name: Simply Collaborate — Intellectual Property Collaboration Made Dead Simple

Description: A simple web-based starter kit that helps solve the issue of joint IP ownership issues during collaborations.

Lead organisation/individual: Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt


Project name: Smart Contracts Platform for Professional Service Agreements

Description: A smart contract solution to allow the automatic execution of clauses and payments agreed by the parties within the contract.

Lead organisation/individual: Brum Costa Abogados, ZirconTech


Project name: Social Distancing at Work

Description: A study on how shared workspace can adapt to a post-pandemic world.

Lead organisation/individual: Savills


Project name: Social-Distancing at the Ballot Box

Description: Proposed solutions to maximise participation in the US presidential election while minimising the risk of exposure to Covid-19.

Lead organisation/individual: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe


Project name: Speek — the virtual networking platform for young professionals

Description: A virtual networking platform for young professionals to build networks and networking skills.

Lead organisation/individual: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe


Project name: Team Loan — Cross-industry talent exchange

Description: A non-profit digital platform to help companies overcome the challenges of Covid-19 by easing their HR management through cross-industry talent exchange.

Lead organisation/individual: Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados


Project name: Technology powered aid to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Description: A practical technology enabled solution to help businesses align their objectives with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Lead organisation/individual: Hogan Lovells


Project name: Telephone Service for People Seeking Asylum in Australia 

Description: Proposed a legal and psychological phone service for individuals seeking asylum in Australia who, due to the Covid-19 crisis, are stuck in legal limbo with very little avenue for assistance. 

Lead organisation/individual: Chloe Van Wersch


Project name: Telmi — connecting asylum seekers to advisers around the world

Description: An online platform offering legal aid to asylum seekers and refugees.

Lead organisation/individual: Lenczner Slaght, T.M.C. Asser Instituut, Rubies in the Rubble

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Project name: The Boson Initiative

Description: An initiative aimed at building a co-operative society by creating a complementary currency — the Boson — to help communities flourish in a sustainable way.

Lead organisation/individual: Caetano de Freitas & Associados


Project name: The Bridge Project

Description: A website promoting mediation and arbitration as alternatives to court litigation, and a tool for the drafting of an amendment clause to an existing contractual dispute resolution clause.

Lead organisation/individual: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, Magnusson, Shakespeare Martineau, University of Exeter


Project name: The career passport

Description: A proposal to use portal- and app-based technology to create focused and bite-sized training, allowing the user to maintain a permanent and transferable record of their learning.

Lead organisation/individual: Pinsent Masons


Project name: The creation of regulator-approved Standard Crisis Terms and how to incorporate these into contracts

Description: A solution to provide parties with an option to change the contractual terms in the event of a crisis.

Lead organisation/individual: Lewis Silkin


Project name: The Digital Deal

Description: The group created HAL, a data analytics tool, to ease the process of due diligence, and SaaS platform DARYL, for document management and digital execution.

Lead organisation/individual: JSA Law


Project name: The Digital Divide in First Nations Communities (Australia)

Description: Proposes solutions to the digital divide in First Nations communities in rural, remote or regional areas in Australia that have been intensified with Covid-19.

Lead organisation/individual: Ashurst


Project name: The Future Of Education Is Distance Learning; But Will It Be Accessible And Inclusive?

Description: A project targeting sustainable and equitable solutions to distance learning.

Lead organisation/individual: Penn Law


Project name: The Greener Token — a platform that incentivises sustainable global travelling

Description: A rewards programme aimed at fostering a greener hotel and leisure industry.

Lead organisation/individual: CMS


Project name: The ONE Platform by Lander & Rogers

Description: A three-part automated solution for employers facing unfair dismissal claims in Australia as a result of Covid-19. 

Lead organisation/individual: Lander & Rogers


Project name: The Young People's Online Advocate

Description: An online pro-bono legal service for families and young people during Covid-19. 

Lead organisation/individual: Gabriella Lauricella


Project name: Thinkvisor — Giving A Voice

Description: ThinkVisor is a blockchain based platform that enables victims of gender-based violence to record the crimes against them in a safe, secure way.

Lead organisation/individual: tutti. Ai, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe


Project name: Tracing Covid-19 with Data Trusts

Description: A governance framework and technology proposal for a track-and-trace application run and administered by a data trustee.

Lead organisation/individual: Linklaters


Project name: Travel Refund Delays

Description: Digital dispute resolution to speed-up recovery of £7bn of unpaid refunds from airlines to consumers.

Lead organisation/individual: 1st Resolve Ltd


Project name: United Planet

Description: A chat bot that helps individuals, gig workers, small businesses and non-profit organisations access and navigate Covid-19 related resources.

Lead organisation/individual: 1LAW, Southern University Law Center


Project name: Verity Legal Platform

Description: An open-source, privacy-based web platform for legal services.

Lead organisation/individual: Emigro Startup Studio, University of Exeter, Lenczner Slaght, Consent and Capacity Board Canada, Norton Rose Fulbright


Project name: #VirtualCourtTales

Description: Collecting stories on how courts in India are going remote.

Lead organisation/individual: Justice Adda India


Project name: Virtual legal assistance for international students in NSW during Covid-19 

Description: A provider of virtual legal assistance and assurance to international students in Australia during Covid-19.

Lead organisation/individual: Dilnoor Rangi


Project name: Virtual Legality

Description: A virtual experience program for law students powered and tracked through a simple app and collaboration tool for law firms and clients.

Lead organisation/individual: Troutman Sanders and Pepper Hamilton


Project name: World 2.0. The balanced future is here

Description: App that enables policy advocates to be well-informed to work with governments to implement a unique policy, legal and regulatory framework to bolster the growth of the fourth sector.

Lead organisation/individual: Vidya Giridharan


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