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  • Psychopathology

Click the link below to read the and then answer the questions:

Suppressing negative thoughts good for mental health, UK researchers find

  • Outline behavioural, emotional and cognitive characteristics of depression

  • Typically, the NHS recommend talking therapy such as CBT for depression. Outline CBT for depression, referring to specific strategies a therapist might use with a client

  • How does the article challenge ‘dogma in clinical psychology’?

    Mamat and Anderson conducted an experiment to test the effectiveness of their thought suppression technique. Consider the following:

  • What were their IV and DV?

  • What might their hypothesis have been?

  • What sampling method did they use? What are the limitations of this?

  • Explain the purpose of the control group in this study

  • Explain why replication is important in psychology, referring to the article/study

Danny Galbraith, St Bartholomew’s School

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