All the answers here are linked in some way. Once you’ve spotted the connection, any you didn’t know the first time around should become easier.

  1. Which west African country borders Senegal and Guinea?

  2. Who came second to Sir Keir Starmer in the 2020 Labour leadership election?

  3. Yossarian is the main character in which novel of 1961?

  4. What relation is Meryl Streep to record producer Mark Ronson?

  5. Who has won more Primetime Emmy Awards than anybody else, including six for her performance as the politician Selina Meyer?

  6. The creation of the Earthquake cocktail — half cognac and half absinthe — is traditionally credited to which painter, also known for his posters for the Moulin Rouge?

  7. The Wolverine, Dark Phoenix and Logan are films in which movie franchise?

  8. Which Welsh border town says on its official website that it’s “Known as the First Booktown in the World”?

  9. Which 1968 song tells the story of Desmond and Molly Jones?

  10. From which football club was Lionel Messi transferred to Inter Miami in 2023?

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James Walton is co-host of “The Booker Prize Podcast”

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