All the answers here are linked in some way. Once you’ve spotted the connection, any you didn’t know the first time around should become easier.

  1. Of the four bank holidays introduced in England and Wales in 1871, what was the only one not always on a Monday?

  2. The oldest ever winner of the Best Actress Oscar won for her performance in which 1989 film?

  3. The Radarange — around six feet high — was the first commercially available version of which two-word domestic device?

  4. “The Ballad of Mack the Knife” originally appeared in which “play with music”?

  5. Which newspaper did the former chancellor George Osborne edit between 2017 and 2020?

  6. What was Radiohead’s follow-up album to OK Computer?

  7. What name is given to the 1989 revolution that brought Václav Havel to power?

  8. What’s the second word in the Nato alphabet not to end with a vowel?

  9. In bridge, what’s the word for a unit of play, usually consisting of the best of three games?

  10. Which activity was Gertrude Jekyll most famous for?

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