My MBA gave me leadership confidence to not fear senior executives, but to embrace them as mentors and peers I can learn from. I do not fear unemployment because I have skills that will enable me to obtain work in many industries.

Financial controller

I never regretted studying for an MBA. It opened up opportunities that I never would have had. The jobs I secured since graduation paid from 50 to 100 per cent more than my pre-MBA job. I was able to pay off my significant student loans in less than three years.


Yes. I left a high-paying job and shelled out $100k to stay out of the workforce for two years. But this was a chance to be immersed in a group of diverse voices, form bonds and enter a profession I would have had no other way to break into.

Marketing Manager

Yes. Before my MBA, I was a management consultant and wanted to work for social enterprises in emerging markets. Entering this space was difficult given that I had no formal work experience. With my MBA, I gained the experience. Now, I work for a social enterprise in Africa.

Chief of staff

Maybe. I am in a career that has enabled me to pay off my MBA. However, I have not yet recouped the opportunity costs from leaving the workforce and reducing contributions to my pension. In my industry, non-MBAs can achieve the same promotion and salary levels.


I think my MBA was worth the price but I don’t think all MBAs are. For many programmes, the tuition costs are too high. My degree had a relatively low tuition cost and provided work experience. Also, my MBA more than doubled my salary potential.

Group administrator

As I am at a more senior level than I would have otherwise achieved, my MBA has been good value. It has proven to be an excellent way to transition careers. I used to be in the army.

Development manager

No. The cost of living and my salary do not justify the amount of money I spent on the MBA. Moreover, my job function, general management, has no need for MBA skills and the compensation reflects that.

Bank vice-president

Yes, definitely! The return isn’t instant. The MBA gave me the skills and confidence to start my own business and the personal value of that cannot be measured using numbers.


Probably not. In hindsight, I might have chosen the part-time route and kept my job. I don’t regret acquiring an MBA, but I think the cost is too high and a two-year duration is probably not necessary.


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