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  • AQA Component Political parties

  • Edexcel Component 1 (UK Politics): 2.2 Established political parties

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Labour stands for ‘sound money’, Starmer to tell party conference

Note the areas where there is conflict between the parties — but also note that Labour would not reverse all the tax cuts. For a different angle, assessing how far the Truss government’s economic policy is consistent with Thatcherism, see this article:

Kwarteng invokes Thatcher but UK faces very different times

Background: what you need to know

This article reviews the divide between the Conservative government and the Labour opposition on economic policy. Labour has concentrated on two key features of the so-called ‘mini-budget’ — the tax cuts for the better off, which it depicts as socially unjust, and the collapse in the value of the pound as the markets have taken fright at the extent of the changes. This enables Labour to challenge the Conservatives’ claim to economic competence — a key label to own in the run-up to the next general election.

Question in the style of AQA Politics Paper 1

  • ‘There are major differences between the ideas and policies of the three main UK political parties.’ Analyse and evaluate this statement. [25 marks]

Question in the style of Edexcel Politics Paper 1

  • Evaluate the view that there are major differences between the ideas and policies of the three main UK political parties.

    You must consider this view and the alternative to this view in a balanced way. [30 marks]

    TIP: Edexcel requires you to know about the policies of the main parties (Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats) on the economy, welfare, foreign policy and law and order — but if you are following AQA, these are equally important areas to research. Make sure that you concentrate on the current policies of the parties.

Graham Goodlad, Portsmouth High School

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