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Democracy and participation

Citizens’ assemblies could help repair our toxic political culture

No, British democracy isn’t safer than America’s

New election laws will be a defining test of Rishi Sunak’s integrity

The Tories must reverse course on voter IDs

UK pressure groups

Keir Starmer pledges free vote on legalising assisted dying in England

Green groups lambast plan to boost housebuilding by ditching English waterway protections

Extinction Rebellion abandons disruptive climate protests in UK

Injunction granted against UK climate protesters

Greensill affair exposes opaque UK lobbying rules

XR sees funding return as it tries to find its feet back on streets

Rights in the UK

Coronation day arrests prompt fears for UK civil liberties

UK plans to overhaul human rights law come under fire

UK to inject ‘common sense’ into human rights legislation

Retired judge to lead review into UK human rights laws

Contrasting police methods during lockdown raise liberty fears 

Established UK political parties:

· General

Are Labour and the Conservatives adopting ‘Heevesian’ economics?

Sunak’s instincts are leading the Tories to ever worse defeat

Rishi Sunak suffers Tory backlash as MPs back legislation to ban smoking

Labour and Tories fall prey to optimism on tax and spend

Mandates are overrated — Keir Starmer just needs the win

Rishi Sunak seeks to harvest political advantage with autumn poll strategy

Rishi Sunak faces migration dilemma as Tory civil war worsens

A hefty shock awaits those who see little difference between Starmer and Sunak

It’s ‘nerd vs nerd’ as British politics returns to normal

Property donors provide one-quarter of funds given to Tory party

Political party platforms 

· Conservative Party

Rishi Sunak’s premiership under scrutiny at fractious Tory conference

How the Thatcherites lost their Brexit dream and their party

Boris Johnson plan to fund health and social care lifts UK tax burden to 70-year high

Rishi Sunak’s un-Tory Budget confounds assumptions once again

Will Boris Johnson reverse Thatcherism?

· Labour Party

Keir Starmer hands Blairite MPs key roles in Labour reshuffle

Labour stands for ‘sound money’, Starmer to tell party conference

Keir Starmer defends Tony Blair as Labour continues shift to centre

The UK approach to Northern Ireland is one of casual political vandalism

· Liberal Democrat Party

Ed Davey calls on Lib Dems to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ after becoming leader’

Emerging/minor UK parties

The unravelling of the Scottish National party

Reform’s success is not the real story of the by-elections

SNP backs revised plan for Scottish independence referendum

Britain’s tiny Tea Party casts a big shadow

Scotland’s incoming first minister has a daunting in-tray

Nicola Sturgeon had run out of ideas on Scottish independence

How much of a threat is Reform UK to the Tories?

UK Electoral systems

Keir Starmer under pressure from within Labour party to back UK electoral reform

Labour and Lib Dems in informal ‘non-aggression’ pact before next UK election

Britain’s left needs more than informal pacts

SNP announces power-sharing deal with Scottish Greens

Lib Dems fear promise to reverse Brexit has backfired 

UK elections and referendums

Keir Starmer sets out plans to raise £8.6 bn in tax at Labour manifesto launch

A last gamble for a UK prime minister who has run out of road

Sunak’s Conservatives are betting against the future

Boris Johnson rejects SNP call for independence referendum

Boris Johnson’s big win with Conservatives 

UK voting behaviour and media

This will be the UK’s first post-TV election

Spare us the sanctimony on fit and proper media owners

Labour lets itself dream of power after by-election triumphs

How education became the new faultline in British politics

Why are women voters moving to the left?

Johnson benefits from voters’ lack of trust 


UK constitution

Labour explores replacing House of Lords with elected chamber

How will King Charles influence politics in the UK?

New bill of rights would allow UK courts to diverge from ECHR rulings

The UK’s flexible constitution has had its day

Making UK governance fit for the future

The UK’s constitution is not working

British politics will stay sleazy until the Lords is reformed


N Ireland executive could return this weekend after DUP agrees landmark deal

English devolution ‘comes of age’ as Manchester takes on the buses

Hunt examines new fiscal powers for mayors in England

Sunak in constitutional clash with Sturgeon over gender reform bill

Northern Ireland’s DUP rejects appeal to join power-sharing executive

Gove calls for devolution of control of business rates to England’s mayors

Is the UK heading for break-up?

Brexit’s second act may break the UK union

England’s metro mayors find new platform during Covid crisis

Nations of UK stay in lockdown lockstep despite devolution

Parliament and executive

Plans to criminalise UK rough sleepers dropped after backlash

House of Lords inflicts fresh defeats on Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda bill

Rwanda bill rebellion takes heavy toll on Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak secures win in Rwanda asylum vote

Why does it matter if a PM lies to Parliament?

The new ‘government by diktat’ bypasses parliament altogether

Boris Johnson must heed the furore around standards

Government in U-turn on dumping sewage in English rivers

UK government must loosen its grip on parliamentary process

Johnson suffers big Tory revolt as MPs approve England’s Covid curbs

Johnson suffers heavy Lords defeat as senior Tories attack Brexit law

UK establishment criticised for dropping the ball on Kremlin threat

A Boris Johnson government requires more checks on power

PM and executive

Rishi Sunak faces intractable problems on first anniversary as prime minister

Rishi Sunak’s immigration conundrum

Nadhim Zahawi sacked as Tory party chair over his tax affairs

The inside story of Liz Truss’s disastrous 44 days in office

Truss finally admits defeat on tax benefit for the wealth

Liz Truss installs close allies in top cabinet jobs

Boris Johnson: the entertainer who tried to defy political gravity

How will Boris Johnson govern after his leadership challenge?

Boris Johnson’s Downing Street shake-up needs to succeed — and fast

Boris Johnson recasts UK government with big cabinet shake-up

Matt Hancock resigns as UK health secretary

The UK Prime Minister and the Coronavirus Crisis

UK Supreme Court

Sunak pledges to change the law after Supreme Court rules against Rwanda policy

UK Supreme Court begins hearing on Scottish independence

Shamima Begum cannot return to UK for citizenship battle, Supreme Court rules

Parliament the winner in prorogation case, say lawyers 

European Union

What does Northern Ireland protocol bill do and why is it contentious?

The UK approach to Northern Ireland is one of casual political vandalism


US constitution and federalism

Donald Trump asks US Supreme Court to put presidential immunity ruling on hold

Lawsuit seeks to declare Donald Trump’s presidential bid unconstitutional

Will America tear itself apart?

Trump claims ‘total’ authority as he considers easing lockdown

Donald Trump’s chaotic coronavirus crisis

US Congress

US Senate passes $95 bn bill including aid for Ukraine

Democrats expand Senate majority after winning Georgia run-off

‘A slow, painful death’: Biden’s domestic agenda withers as he jets abroad

Senate approves Joe Biden’s $1.9tn stimulus legislation

US Presidency

Joe Biden’s high-stakes election gamble

Brown-Jackson’s confirmation offers much-needed ray of light for Biden

Biden’s disappointing first year in office

Trump sues to prevent release of presidential records related to Capitol riot

Joe Biden’s quietly revolutionary first 100 days

Donald Trump’s weaponised lies blew up in his face

Donald Trump’s weaponised lies blew up in his face

Donald Trump’s pardoning spree tests boundaries of authority

Trump’s big flaw: terrible hiring

Donald Trump’s presidency continues its bizarre degeneration 

US Supreme Court and civil rights

US Supreme Court rejects challenge to top consumer finance agency

US Supreme Court curbs consideration of race in university admissions

Abortion law: Roe vs Wade and the US constitution

Abortion ruling shows growing might of US Supreme Court’s conservatives

Biden’s Supreme Court nominee emphasises ‘neutral’ approach to cases

US Supreme Court tilts to the right — but how far will it go?

Voting rights: the battleground that could determine the next US election

US Supreme Court rejects Trump-backed challenge to election

The US Supreme Court turns to the right

Ginsburg’s death sparks election battle over Supreme Court’

US Supreme Court refuses to bend to Trump’s will

US Supreme Court and civil rights

 Landmark US Supreme Court ruling protects LGBT rights at work

Behind the unjust agenda of America’s highest court

US electoral process

What’s next after Trump’s guilty verdict?

The Trump machine: the former president’s dash for campaign cash

Super Tuesday in charts: what the results reveal about Trump’s voters

Donald Trump’s big New Hampshire win hides White House electability issues

US election 2024: who are the Republican presidential candidates?

By the numbers: what we have learnt from the 2022 US midterm elections

The US midterm elections

Justin Amash heads towards third party US presidential run

Joe Biden’s surge poses threat to Bernie Sanders’ US primary hopes

Gerrymandering: America’s other border crisis

US political parties

Third-party candidates pose new threat to Biden re-election bid

‘People are frustrated’: Gaza war opens rift among US Democrats

The ungovernable Republicans: ‘Their goal is chaos’

Biden touts ‘Bidenomics’ as antidote to failed trickle-down policies

US Senate passes bill to end debt ceiling stand-off and avoid default

US-style conservatism offers only a dead end for British Tories

Ron DeSantis says more Ukraine aid not in ‘US vital national interests’

Joe Biden warns China over threats to US sovereignty in State of the Union address

Republicans focus on education in bid to win back suburban America

Liz Cheney launches blistering attack on fellow Republicans over Trump

 How far will US polarisation go?

US pressure groups/interest groups

NRA to press on with Houston conference despite Texas school shooting

US gun control activists hope this time will be different

Washington’s revolving door: can Trump staffers find lobbying jobs?

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