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Gavin Houghton Miss Leigh the Pot Head

Gavin Houghton Miss Leigh the Pot Head, £390
This Leigh Bowery-inspired “pot head” by interior designer turned ceramist Gavin Houghton is just the thing for stowing wooden spoons and spatulas. It also doubles as a vase. Leigh would be so proud.

Fredericks and Mae chopping boards

Fredericks and Mae chopping boards, from £32
Chopping blocks that will upstage everything else in your kitchen. Made from professional-grade plastic, these boards come in a range of Memphis Group colours, different sizes and shapes. Cutting edge.

Reserva Catalina Cantabrian anchovies

Reserva Catalina Cantabrian anchovies, £18
Ever since Spanish chef José Pizarro fed me these sublimely mellow anchovies (which are salted for two years), I have craved some on an almost daily basis. The truffle of tinned anchovies.

Antoinette incense holder

Antoinette incense holder, €102
At a lunch recently, I saw two of these incense holders by Paris artisanal workshop Astier de Villatte being used as salt and pepper dishes: a heap of poivre and sel next to Marie Antoinette’s toppled ceramic head. A statement.

Fiasconaro panettone

Fiasconaro panettone, £43
This panettone with Sicilian citrus fruits and saffron, courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana and pastry company Fiasconaro, would be perfect eaten fresh, turned into pain perdu or layered in a creamy bread and butter pudding.

Inkbird IHT-1P instant-read thermometer

Inkbird IHT-1P instant-read thermometer, £23.99
The only piece of tech gadgetry on my wishlist is this instant-read thermometer by Inkbird, which also produces multi-probe BBQ thermometers, hygrometers (to measure humidity) and sous-vide cookers that wouldn’t look out of place in A&E.

Ocelot chocolate bars

Ocelot chocolate bars, £22 a month subscription
I’m a sucker for great chocolate packaging. And for great chocolate. So I’d love a subscription to Edinburgh-based chocolatier Ocelot Chocolate. I particularly rate its “Femme” dark milk made from Amelonado cocoa beans grown by women in east Congo (the world’s first female cocoa collective).

JW Anderson aubergine key fob

JW Anderson aubergine key fob, £145
A key fob in the shape of an aubergine. I didn’t know that I wanted one until I wanted one. JW Anderson also produces a peach version. How cheeky.

Modernist Pizza

Modernist Pizza, £325
This definitive, 1,708-page, three-volume guide on pizza from the team that brought us Modernist Cuisine and Modernist Bread (including Microsoft’s former chief technology officer Nathan Myhrvold) will tell you everything you need to know about dough and toppings. Just the kind of Mastermind-specialist-topic nerd-fest that I love.

White Mausu peanut rayu

White Mausu peanut rayu, six jars for €36
A recent discovery, this sweet/spicy/nutty sauce joins my extensive cache of condiments and works beautifully on everything from eggs to steamed rice to avocado on toast. 

Ondine Platine Skillet

Ondine Platine Skillet, £395
With its solid-brass handle and 316Ti titanium stainless steel, an Ondine pan is a thing of refined beauty and functionality. The brand is the brainchild of Marie Ondine Guerlain, a sixth-generation member of the perfume and cosmetics dynasty, so what do you expect?

Alessi The Strongman Nutcracker

Alessi The Strongman Nutcracker, £1,000
I love cracking my own walnuts. And this limited-edition “table sculpture” by Marcel Wanders would be my ideal cracker of choice.

Lobmeyr pitcher

Lobmeyr pitcher, £500
On a visit to the new Bonadea store in Belgravia (an emporium of jaw-dropping exquisiteness), this handpainted Chinese pitcher by Lobmeyr caught my eye. I’d be scared of dropping it after my fourth round of cocktails, but as jugs go this is a beauty.

Print Tailors spice jars with cork lids and labels

Print Tailors spice jars with cork lids and labels, set of six for £12
Thanks to Instagram, I’m in a constant state of pantry envy. These well-appointed spice jars with cork lids and custom labels will restore my faith in my own larder cupboard.

Sittingsuits Artist Edition #1: Orange Dog

Sittingsuits Artist Edition #1: Orange Dog, £221
Eating alfresco is always fun. But not always practical. Which is why I want one of these Danish sitting suits for the colder months. This is what happens when a duffel coat mates with a duvet. The apotheosis of comfort.

Clement Knives chef’s knives

Clement Knives chef’s knives, from £200
These knives from British knifesmith Tim Westley are made with a zero-waste ethos, using reclaimed steel and in-house recycled plastic. All of them are now forged using discarded nitrous oxide canisters collected from around Hackney Wick.

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